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Bike training courses that are satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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Terms and Conditions

Your Safety:

At Vision, every effort is taken to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable training experience; however, motorcycling by its very nature carries an inherent risk. You should familiarise yourself with any risk before commencing training. You must wear appropriate clothing whilst riding our motorcycles, including a well-fitting approved helmet and motorcycle gloves. Your instructor may refuse to proceed with your training if they feel your clothing is inadequate for riding a motorcycle. In such case no refund will be offered. If, at any time during your training, your instructor feels your attitude or standard of riding is putting you or other road users at risk, they may cancel the lesson. In such cases no refund will be offered.


All lessons conducted on the public highway will be carried out at a ratio of no more than two students to one instructor (with a rider of similar ability where possible). Our pricing is based on this 2:1 ratio. In exceptional circumstances one to one lessons may be arranged, however additional costs could apply.

Intensive Courses:

These courses cannot offer a guaranteed pass. Whilst every effort will be made to bring you up to test standard in the time you have booked, some students may require additional tuition. Any additional days required will be offered at the same discounted rate.It is your responsibility to ensure your suitability to undertake such a training course. If you are unsure, please discuss your riding experience with one of our instructors and/or book a 2 hour lesson, in order that our instructors may assess your requirements and suggest a suitable training course. If you are unable to achieve the standard required on your chosen course, you may not be able to proceed with subsequent days or tests and no refund will be given. The instructor’s decision in this matter is final.Please do not choose the short course based on price alone!


  • To cancel a 2 hour lesson (Monday to Friday) we require a minimum of 24 hours notice regardless of circumstances.
  • To cancel a 2 hour lesson (Saturday or Sunday) we require a minimum of 7 days notice regardless of circumstances.
  • To cancel an intensive course we require a minimum of 10 days notice before the start date.
  • To cancel any test we require a minimum of 10 days notice, regardless of circumstances.

If the required notice is not given then full payment will be required. Late arrival for booked tuition may be treated as a cancellation. If your instructor agrees to proceed with the lesson, the full fee is payable and the lesson will conclude at the original time.

On rare occasions it may be necessary for Vision to re-schedule your lessons. On such an occasion you will be offered a new time and date. If you cannot attend this new appointment, then no charge will be made for this or the original lesson. However, Vision will not be held liable for any loss of earnings or additional costs incurred by you, due to this re-scheduling.


If the DSA cancels your test you will not be liable for the test fees or any tuition not taken. It is your responsibility to produce the correct documents and to wear suitable clothing when presenting for test. If your test is cancelled due to you failing to produce the correct documents, or not wearing suitable clothing, you will remain liable for the full cost of the lesson plus test fees.

Insurance Excess:

  • On our Category A motorcycles, you will be liable for the first £300.00 of any damage, however caused.
  • On our Category A1 and A2 motorcycles you will be liable for the first £300.00 of damage if it is caused by wilful disregard of instructions, or if you are riding in a careless or inconsiderate manner.

CBT booking

Once payment has been received, CBT bookings may only be cancelled under the following conditions:

  • You must give at least 7 clear working days notice of cancellation prior to your booked date, with our office, in order to receive a refund.
  • You must give at least 5 clear working days notice if you wish to cancel and re-book for a later date.
  • If the required notice is not given, then any payment received is forfeit.

CBT comebacks

CBT is not necessarily a one day course.

If for any reason you do not complete the course on the first day, you will be invited back at the earliest opportunity for a further CBT session to complete your training, at no extra cost (within one calendar month of original booked date). If further training is needed after the above extra session, then there will be a charge of £50 per session.

From beginner to expert with Vision

Here at Vision Motorcycle Training, we don’t just take you from beginner to pass level and leave it at that. We are dedicated to helping riders become much more than just competent, so even after you’ve passed your test, we can provide advanced training that will teach you the skills and techniques to enjoy riding in any conditions while staying safe on the road.

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I completed my CBT with Vision MCT and found all the instructors to be very friendly and helpful.

Ty - Yamaha XJ1300

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