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Understanding the A2 licence

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

If you are aged 19-23, you are eligible for the category A2 motorcycle test.

To obtain an A2 licence, you must take both module 1 and module 2 tests on a motorcycle with an engine capacity of more than 395cc with a power output of at least 20kW (27bhp) but no more than 35kW (47bhp).

On passing the above tests, you may ride a motorcycle of up to 35kW (47bhp) with a power-to-weight ratio of no more than 0.2kW per kilogram.

(e.g. if your bike produces the full 47bhp, then it must weigh at least 175kg)


You may ride any motorcycle which has been restricted to a maximum of 35kW (47bhp), as long as the original power output before restriction was no more than 70kW (94bhp) i.e. twice the restricted power.

Any motorcycle which normally produces more than 70kW (94bhp) may NOT be restricted and ridden on an A2 licence.

N.B. There are some motorcycles available which produce less than 35kW (47bhp) but may NOT be ridden on an A2 licence due to their light weight.

Any motorcycle which exceeds 35kW (47bhp) or produces more than 0.2kW per kilogram may not be ridden on an A2 licence. A full category A licence will be required (see below).




To take the category A test, you must be at least 24 years of age or have held a category A2 licence for at least two years (so if you pass category A2 at 19, you could take the full category A test at 21 – this is called progressive access)

The category A tests must currently be taken on a motorcycle with an engine capacity of more than 595cc, with a power output of at least 40kW (54bhp).

With a category A licence, you can ride a motorcycle of any capacity and power.

This will change in 2019 to a minimum of 50kW (67bhp), with a minimum kerb weight of 180kg.

Lord Dane (senior instructor)

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