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Packing for Long Distance Motorcycle Trip

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

If you’re planning your first long distance motorcycle trip, preparation is key. For many people, a long trip will mean packing a big case, but for long distance bikers, less is definitely more. Of course, there will be maintenance checks and fluid refills you’ll need to undertake before you set off, but preparing your kit … Continue reading

Stay safe on your motorbike this summer

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

Whether you’re a daily commuter getting fed up of the cold, wet conditions, or you’re a fair weather rider just getting your bike out of the garage and ready for some long summer rides, the light evenings and warm weather are getting tantalisingly close. But with the draw of summer comes the temptation to ease … Continue reading

Motorcycle Tyre Maintenance

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

As a motorcyclist, you’ll know how important preventative maintenance is to ensure your safety on the road – but when was the last time you checked your tyres? They are the only point of contact between your bike and the road so they play a vital role in not only the performance of the bike, … Continue reading

Saving Fuel Tips for Motorcyclists

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

Here at Vision Motorcycle Training, we know that just because you use your bike to commute to work every day, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to retire your sports bike in favour of a more fuel-efficient commuter model. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips to help you save money on fuel, … Continue reading

Motorcycle Riding in Wet Weather

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

The heavens have opened and it is pouring; you can’t see very far down the road, your visor is misting up and you are unsure how you are going to handle the rain. There’s no need to worry; with a little preparation and a little know-how, riding in the rain can be as safe and … Continue reading

MOT Checklist For Your Motorcycle

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

Your motorcycle will need to undergo an MOT to ensure that it is safe to drive. Here at Vision, we understand that MOTs and retests can be costly, especially if it fails on something that can easily be remedied if you have the required skills. So we’ve put together a quick checklist, with information on … Continue reading

5 Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in Traffic

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

As all motorcycle riders know, driving in heavy traffic can be tough. Not only do you have to be hyper aware of all the other drivers around you, you also have to guard yourselves against their potential road rage. Here are some top tips to make the going smoother when you hit the road. Anticipating … Continue reading

What is the Direct Access Scheme?

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

If you’re one of those riders who simply can’t get enough of their standard motorcycles, and you’d like to move on to larger, more spacious bikes, you may be thinking about taking advantage of the 3rd EU driving licence directive of January 19, 2013. The directive created a Direct Access Scheme, which gives you access … Continue reading

Motorcycle Insurance: What you need to know

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

There are many factors which could influence the cost of motorcycle insurance. A young man on a high powered motorbike is more likely to pay a lot more in insurance premiums than a middle aged man on the same bike. This is because it has been statistically proven that people under the age of 25 … Continue reading


Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

Have you held a full UK bike licence for at least three years? Have you thought of becoming a CBT instructor? Or maybe an assistant? Due to our ever growing popularity, we are currently looking for new instructors to meet the extra demand for CBT at Vision. So if you really love motorcycling, have endless … Continue reading