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Category Archives: guide

Motorcycle Theory Test Explained

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

You must have completed your compulsory basic training (CBT) and have passed your motorcycle theory test before you can book your full motorcycle practical test. To take your theory test, you must have a provisional driving licence. The theory test is in two sections: A multiple choice test A hazard perception test Both sections will … Continue reading

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Packing for Long Distance Motorcycle Trip

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

If you’re planning your first long distance motorcycle trip, preparation is key. For many people, a long trip will mean packing a big case, but for long distance bikers, less is definitely more. Of course, there will be maintenance checks and fluid refills you’ll need to undertake before you set off, but preparing your kit … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in Traffic

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

As all motorcycle riders know, driving in heavy traffic can be tough. Not only do you have to be hyper aware of all the other drivers around you, you also have to guard yourselves against their potential road rage. Here are some top tips to make the going smoother when you hit the road. Anticipating … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Insurance: What you need to know

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

There are many factors which could influence the cost of motorcycle insurance. A young man on a high powered motorbike is more likely to pay a lot more in insurance premiums than a middle aged man on the same bike. This is because it has been statistically proven that people under the age of 25 … Continue reading

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10 Safety Tips for Riding a Motorcycle

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

Riding a motorbike can be exhilarating and enjoyable, although anyone that decides to buy one needs to be fully aware of the dangers it can pose. Statistics on the UK Government’s road safety website, Think! indicate that while motorcyclists amount to around 1% of the total traffic on the roads, they account for 19% of … Continue reading

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Your guide to CBT

Posted on by vision-motorcycle-training

For anyone thinking of riding a motorcycle or moped for the first time, Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is legally required before you can take your vehicle out on the road. This means you won’t even be able to take your vehicle on a public road with L plates, until you have completed a CBT course. … Continue reading

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